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Musculoskeletal pain is a constant accompaniment to dancing! At times it feels like if it doesn’t hurt you are not doing it right.

However, there is a difference between the normal strain caused by strenuous activity and pain caused by injury, and at these times dancers require effective, fast acting treatment.

Dancing requires strength, flexibility and a finite sense of balance. Dancing with a partner requires an immense amount of sensitivity to each other as well as the ability to create powerful performance.

Osteopathy helps dancers achieve and maintain the levels of mobility, strength and flexibility required to perform and hopefully stay injury free. This is achieved through treatments and specifically prescribed home based dance exercise programmes. However, as with all physically demanding pursuits injuries do occur. Dancers respond very well to osteopathic care and particularly appreciate the hands on approach that is fundamental to osteopathy. Osteopaths who work with dancers know the demands on the dancer’s body and their need to be fit and to get back to training quickly. Intensive treatment can be helpful and the osteopath may suggest adaptations to technique to aid a full recovery.

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