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Photographs of Katherine Would copyright Roger Robinson


Performing artists tend to push their bodies to the limit in order to deliver their best performance, whether that is dancing, singing, acting or doing somersaults from a horse galloping round a ring! Occasionally things go wrong, resulting in pain and injury, and more importantly inability to perform and hence loss of income!

In these situations rest and taking pain killers is not enough. Performers need a fast acting solution to enable them to get back to work quickly; a “hands on” treatment from a practitioner with experience and expertise in dealing with musculoskeletal conditions who can ease muscle spasm and restore function to an injured body.

Osteopathy has a long history of providing such care, and in 2016 a group of osteopaths who have a special interest in treating performing artists decided to form a collaboration to further knowledge and promote osteopathy among professional people who demand more than most from their bodies.


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